Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We (I) Survived!

I took both kids to Walmart for the first time...and lived to tell about it! My mom has hairy stories about taking all 4 of us to the grocery store and I was nervous about 2 little munchkins! I recall hearing about the time I turned over a cartful of groceries and, I believe, my brother was riding in the cart at the time. Thankfully, Lucas slept through his first trip. I was able to keep his head covered to avoid the "Walmart germs" that scare me at the Guthrie store. Lillian was a big help, retrieving things off the shelves and begging for stuff on every aisle. She managed to get me to buy Fruit Roll ups. A bargain in exchange for a peaceful trip!

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The Davis Kids said...

Congratulations! The first wal-mart trip is always a big milestone. I pretty much do anything possible to avoid going with all three of my kids.

My mom has great stories about taking all three of us to the store too. She claims my brother was the equivalent of 3 kids himself. He notoriously smashed a gallon of grape juice on aisle 9 and kept running. We never turned over a whole cart, though. That takes true talent. Good memories.

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